Tickets are not for sale yet: Estimated opening date April 7th

Tickets are not on sale yet but will go on sale 1-2 weeks before we open- Check our Homepage for general information including ticket pricing etc.  Check out our FAQ Page & Tulip 101 while you wait patiently ;) for the tulips to bloom. Newsletter subscribers will be able to purchase their tickets a few days before the general public so sign up today!

Planning your visit: Six important Facts

Credit: Marnie

Credit: Marnie

  1. Follow the fields progress by checking the Bloom Report. Once we open, we post pictures of the fields every few days.
  2. If you plan to attend on the weekend (Saturday-Sunday) you will need to purchase your ticket online in ADVANCE
  3. Tickets will go on sale below one to two weeks before we open. You will NOT be able to purchase tickets at the door on weekends. Purchasing beforehand ensures you can attend. This will allow us to control the amount of visitors we have on busy weekends making sure there is ample parking and ultimate enjoyment for all. If you purchase a ticket for the weekend and cannot attend for whatever reason, we will allow you to use that ticket during any weekday that we are open.
  4. If you plan to attend during the week (Tuesday-Friday) we highly recommend you purchase your ticket online in ADVANCE. If we do not sell out during the week, you will be able to purchase tickets at the door. Selling out can happen at a moment’s notice, not unlike waiting in line at the movies or PVDonuts, only to find out the person ahead of you bought the last ticket or the coveted brioche donut with maple bacon topping! If you are traveling a long distance please pre-purchase your ticket.
  5. If we are sold out our ticketing system will not allow you to purchase a ticket (it may allow you to purchase a kids ticket but not an adult… and no you cannot use two kids tickets to equal one adult ;).


Please respect the privacy and boundaries of those living and working on the farm by keeping out of marked areas and off of cropland; and by parking in designated spaces and adhering to visiting hours. Anyone not respecting our guidelines will be asked to leave the farm immediately without a refund.