Professional Photography Policy

Wicked Tulip Professional Photography Policy

Wicked Tulips Flower Farm provides a stunning backdrop for your photo shoot.  Mother Nature determines when and for how long our beautiful blooms last so please check the Bloom Report for updates. It is hard to determine when the best time to schedule would be, however, barring any unforeseen weather issues, we expect anytime between the 3rd week of April and the 2nd Week of May should be okay. We won't open either field until it is at least 30% in bloom. 

Site Fees

Site fee’s and guidelines are intended for anyone scheduling photo shoots on the farm whether it be for monetary gain or for non-professionals simply wanting to come in before or after hours. We have several options to choose from.  If you have any suggestions for additional options or ways to improve please email us and we will consider adding it next year but, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate additional or more specific requests. 

During business hours

$25 per session (1 hour) or $100 for unlimited mini-sessions for 2 hours. 

Admission tickets are required for all members of the party including the photographer. Tickets have to be purchased separately after making your reservation and are non refundable.  Purchase Tickets here - photographers only ( you will need a code that is emailed separately) Limited photography equipment- no reflectors, light stand etc.  A single small prop is allowed -see approved prop list below. 

Before or after business hours

$75 per session (1 hour) or $150 for unlimited mini-sessions.

  • No before or after hours on Sundays
  • No before hours on Tuesdays
  • No after hours on Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Closed Mondays

Admission tickets are required for all members of the party including the photographer. Tickets have to be purchased separately after making your reservation and are nonrefundable. After hours there is no limit to equipment or how many prop items may be used but they must be approved by Wicked Tulips (see approved prop list). Please note there may be a few guests and other photographers in the field after hours so we cannot guarantee a completely empty field. This is a semi- private session. The fileds are large and we find everyone is courteous. 

Pet Portraits

As a trial this year we are allowing well behaved pets to be part of the "Before or After hours" shoots. They must be pre-approved by Wicked Tulips ( email Please allow 3-5 days for approval and include a copy of their rabies vaccines if applicable. Pets must be leashed and/or in their owners complete control during the shoot and while entering and exiting the field and property. As dog owners and lovers ourselves we know things happen so come prepared to clean up after your pet and pay for any damaged tulips. Walk them around the property to get as much "water" out of their systems as possible ;) If the photo shoot occurs "before hours" pets must be out of the fenced in event area 10 minutes before we open the doors - no exceptions.


Wedding Portraits

$175 per session includes one complimentary bouquet (12 tulips picked by you or your client) and three admission tickets for the happy couple and photographer. You must bring a copy of your reservation, it is your ticket/s. Extra tickets can be purchased here (coming soon) and are non-refundableWedding shoots are best held during the week or before or after hours ( see above). You are welcome to schedule during business hours but will be limited to 1 prop and limited equipment-no reflectors, light stands etc. Schedule here


To ensure the perfect experience for your portrait session, advanced reservations are required. Once we are booked we are booked but you are welcome to check our calendar for any openings that occur due to cancellations.  To schedule your shoot please see our calendar for available dates. Once you have an email will be sent  a link and a special code to purchase tickets. Please do not give this out to clients or anyone else.  Opening and closing is dependent on Mother Nature so make sure you are checking the bloom report and reschedule or cancel accordingly . You can reschedule and cancel your own sessions. Depending the day of the week, photo sessions can be scheduled before, during and after hours. Weekday sessions are highly recommended as the weekends can be extremely busy.

Make a Reservation

Reserve your session online and don’t forget to purchase additional tickets. A separate email will be sent with a ticket link and code. You do not need to bring a copy of your reservation but do bring your tickets.

Refund Policy

We understand that clients cancel due to sickness or inclement weather. We are open rain or shine. "Before or After hours" shoots can be scheduled or rescheduled up to five days before the scheduled shoot.  You can cancel "Before or After" and  "Business Hours" sessions up to 2 hours before your scheduled shoot. Your card will be refunded within 14 days. Tickets are nonrefundable but can still be used by your clients (see info about tickets on our home page). We cannot guarantee that once you cancel you will be able to reschedule because we may be booked up. You can always re-check the calendar for cancellations.

Approved Prop List

1.  Baskets
2. Small child’s chair
3. Watering Can –sans water
4. Small child’s rocking horse
5. Small child’s wagon

*This is a small example of acceptable prop’s. Again you are allowed one prop during business hours.  If you have a prop not listed please email us at for approval. Please allow 72 hours or more for approval.  Items such as adult sized chairs, bikes etc are not allowed during business hours.

General Photography Guidelines

Please respect our Tulip field and farm by abiding by the following rules:

  • We will allow tripods during business hours this year as a trial. Please be respectful and aware of other people and our delicate tulips. Do not use in high traffic areas or place in flower beds.
  • No reflectors, Light stands, props etc. during business hours
  • Stay on the paths and out of the tulip beds- this includes equipment and small children. If you damage flowers we expect that you will pay for them (honor system). We will have designated areas forshots that make it look like you are in the tulip beds.
  • Do not enter any buildings- this includes the barn, all outbuildings and especially the house. This is a private residence, please respect their privacy. This means no photo shoots on their porch or in the yard.
  • Stay off all farm equipment including and not limited to tractors etc.
  • Snake Den Farm is home to several farmers not just Wicked Tulips Flower Farm. While you are welcome on our 6 acres you are not to enter neighboring farmer’s fields. See map below(map is coming soon) for an overview of the farm and where you can take photos and where you cannot. Anything outlined in red means do not enter.  
  • Park in designated parking area only.
  • No tree climbing.
  • We expect you and your clients to respect the farm, its inhabitants and guests as well as the flora and fauna at all times.

Photographers and their clients not abiding by any portion of this policy will be asked to leave the farm immediately.  Fees will not be refunded. Rules are subject to change without notice. Updates will be posted at the top of this page.