Happiness for us is....

Sharing our blooming tulip field with you! When I was living in Holland, tourists came year after year to see my family's tulip fields. I loved seeing their laughing and smiling faces taking in the incredible beauty and fragrance; it is an experience people don't forget. It made me so happy that I wanted to recreate this magical experience here in the United States!  -Jeroen Koeman

A blooming husband-and-wife team

We moved from Virginia to Rhode Island in the fall of 2015 and started Wicked Tulips Flower Farm. Keriann is a native New Englander so Rhode Island's climate and proximity to family made it perfect for starting our own tulip farm here in the states- a long time dream of mine.

We have been working very hard to protect pollinators by increasing awareness about the systemic pesticides used in the flower industry. They have been linked to declining bee, bird and butterfly populations. We have been importing certified organic flower bulbs from Holland since 2009 because organic equals bulbs that are free of these harmful pesticides.  Our bulbs are for the true nature lover. 

Global Desire Bee .jpg


Meet The New Organic Tulips

Our beautiful tulips were featured on the cover of nationally recognized Organic Gardening Magazine in the article “Meet the NEW Organic Tulips”, November 2014.

A funny fact:

In April 2012 we were the only non-celebrities to be named alongside George Clooney and Ellen Page as one of the 50 sexiest Environmentalists....