Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Tickets

Do we need tickets and how much are they?

If you visit during the weekend you must pre-purchase your tickets online. Tickets will not be sold at the door.Weekend tickets for adults (age 17+) for our late season field are $7.00. All other adult tickets are $5.00. Children 3 and under are free. Age 4-16 $3.00. We highly recomend pre-purchasing tickets during the week as well. If we don't sell out during the week tickets can be purchased at the door. Tickets will be available for sale here on our website. Sign up for a newsletter updates and we will let you purchase tickets before the general public.

Do you sell tickets at the door on weekends?

There will be no tickets sold at the gate on Saturdays or Sundays. If you visit during the week you can purchase tickets at the door as long we are not sold out.

Do we need to pre-purchase tickets during the week or can we just stop by?

We highly recommend that you pre-purchase tickets online to ensure that you are able to attend and the person ahead of you in line doesn't get the last ticket. As long as we are NOT sold out , you can purchase tickets at the door during the week.

I bought 10 tickets for my friends/family. I received only one ticket. Do we need to check-in at the same time?

If you purchased more than one ticket you will not receive separate tickets but one for all of them. Print duplicate tickets to allow friends/family to check in at different times or present your one ticket and check-in everyone all at once.

Why do we need to purchase tickets in advance?

Because this event is so unique, many many, people want to come, especially on the weekend. We have limited parking and we want to make sure that all visitors enjoy their time on the farm.

Questions about the Tulips

When will the tulips bloom and when are you opening?

We hope to open sometime in early April and will close when the tulips are done blooming. Please check the “Bloom Report” before you plan your trip. It is impossible to predict when the field will bloom. We expect to know the exact opening date 10 days before opening. We are monitoring the bud development closely and will provide timely forecasts and updates on our bloom report. We expect a blooming period of 5-6 weeks.

How do I pick a tulip, do I need scissors?

You do not need to bring scissors or clippers unless you want to. We do not provide them as they are not needed to pick. To pick simply grasp the tulip stem as low as possible to the ground and pull up. This method allows you to get the longest stem possible. See our Tulip 101 for more details on how to pick a tulip at the farm.

Do you sell the entire plant bulb and all?

No, we are just selling the flower. If the bulb comes up when you pick it don’t worry, we will snap it off at checkout and keep it as planting stock for next year.

Can I dig them up and take them home and replant them?

This is a definite no. We use these bulbs as our planting stock for next year’s u-pick and our own bulb sales at Also, when you dig them up that late in the season you damage the root system of that flower and all the tulips around it causing them to die.

Will you have pre-picked tulip bouquets I can purchase?

No, but if our staff aren't too busy, someone can help you make one.

Do I have to pick tulips or can I just come and look?

You do not have to pick and are very welcome to simply come and enjoy the sights and sounds of a large tulip field. You will still be required to pay entrance. We would not be able to do what we do and be a sustainable business if we did not charge entrance as we get thousands of visitors who just want to see the tulips and take pictures.

Hours and parking

What are your hours?

The u-pick field is open 6 days a week. Opening and closing times differ from April to May. We are closed Mondays. Please check the home page for updates.
APRIL: Tuesday - Sunday 10am to 6pm.
MAY: Tuesday and Thursday 10am to 6pm
Wednesday and Friday 10am to 7:30pm.
Saturday amd Sunday 9am to 6pm

What is the parking situation?

We have a large field for you to park in. There are Handicap spaces available. If someone in your party needs to be dropped off at the entrance due to age, injury etc. just let the parking attendant know and they will help you. We do not expect your car to get stuck but if you do for whatever reason you will be responsible for calling and paying for towing.

Food & Picnicking

Can I bring a picnic?

Yes, but do stay within the fenced in area and out of the tulip beds. Please stay out of neighboring fields.

Will there be food, can we bring our own?

We do not plan on having food vendors this year. You are welcome to bring your own food. Please be respectful and place all trash in receptacles.

Is there a picnic area?

There are places all around the tulip field where you can toss a blanket down and enjoy a picnic or a snooze in the sun. There will be a few picnic tables available. Chairs are welcome during the week but not the weekends.

Handicap Accessibility

Is the event handicap accessible?

There is handicap parking available near the entrance to the field and there is a handicap port-a-john available at the upper parking lot. This is a farm so although we are accessible it is not always easy to maneuver. The farm is not paved, it can be uneven, and muddy if wet. Service dogs are welcome but please be aware that dogs can cause a lot of unintentional damage in the tulip beds and you will be responsible for paying for these damages.

Photography Policy

Can I take pictures?

That is one of the best parts. We love seeing parents teach their kids how to take pictures in our fields and it is a great backdrop for family, engagement, yearbook or any type of photos. We do have some guidelines that we ask you follow and require a site fee for professional photoshoots or photographers who want to take pictures before or after business hours. See our photography guidelines here.

Pet Policy

Are pets allowed?

Service Dogs Only with valid License (no exceptions). If you would like to schedule a before or after hours photo shoot with your well behaved and rabies vaccinated pooch, please see our photography guidelines here(link coming)

Farm Rules and questions

What to bring?

Sturdy shoes or even rain boots- it can get muddy and they look fantastic. BYOB (Bring your own bucket) with some water (leave in the car) for the ride home. We provide complimentary buckets for picking. Your tulips will appreciate a little water for the ride home especially if it’s over an hour away. See Tulip 101 for how to care for your tulips.

How does this work exactly?

When you arrive you will either purchase a ticket (during the week) or show your pre-purchased ticket (weekends) at our will call /ticket area. Once you enter, you will see our show garden (no picking here) where you can view all of our varieties and pre-order bulbs for fall delivery at our Bulb Tent. Beyond the show garden is our picking garden where you can walk up and down the rows and choose as many tulips as you desire for $1/stem. Use one of our buckets found at the tulip wrapping station. Once you're done bring your tulips and bucket to the wrapping station where you will wrap up your tulips in paper for the ride home. Staff will be available to assist you. Then bring your beautiful bouquet to the cashier. There will be vases available for purchase if you did not bring your own bucket or want to give them as a gift.

Can I bring a stroller or wagon?

Yes, but you are not allowed to bring them down the tulip field paths during the weekends. During the week is fine as we are less busy. The weekends are extremely busy and people won’t be able to get down a path if there is a stroller or wagon. Most paths are wide enough for a single stroller or wagon. There are plenty of areas to get pictures with the tulips that do not require going into the fields. If you, your stroller, wagon or children damage flowers we expect that you pay for them.

Are there Bathrooms?

Yes, there will be several port-a-johns available.

Special Events and Activities

Is there hiking?

Yes, we are located within the boundaries of Snake Den State Park. There will be maps available.

Are there any kids activities?

Our spring event is about getting back to nature and enjoying the farm. We will not have bounce-houses, games, etc., but there are hiking trails and plenty of opportunity to enjoy and discover nature’s mysteries.

About Wicked Tulips Flower Farm and how to contact us

How do I sign up for your newsletter updates?

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this or any of our webpages and fill in the sign-up form

How do I contact you with questions?

If you still have questions after reading through our website, is the best way to reach us. We are getting so many calls and emails that it is difficult to get back to everyone in a timely manner, which is why we created this FAQ page. Once we open we will not be available to answer the phone or emails during the day and most likely will fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day. If you want to know if we are open or how the tulips are doing you can check our bloom report and call a pre-recorded message at 401-400 2806 You can also find us on Facebook and sign up for newsletter updates to alert you to changes, additions, special events etc.

Why should I care if your flowers are organic, we don’t eat them?

Did you know that bees, birds and butterflies are in danger because of systemic pesticides used in conventional (flower) farming? They collect pollen, eat seeds and drink the water that is contaminated with pesticide runoff. Even if you don't spray in your own garden, the seeds and bulbs you plant often have these pesticides hidden in them. Recent studies show that most conventional flowers, seeds and bulbs are treated with bee killing pesticides. We started because we believe pesticides don’t belong in our gardens where our children play and bees pollinate

You are only open in the Spring, what are you doing the rest of the year?

Our main business is selling bulbs online via We are the only certified organic flower bulb company in the US. One of our goals is to protect pollinators by increasing awareness about the systemic pesticides and offering bulbs free of these pesticides. In June will begin harvesting our bulbs and will then prepare them for fall sales. You can purchase these U.S. grown bulbs from our online store