Bloom Report

Update for 2018

We are currently closed but anticipate opening late April 2018!


The website will be updated by late February/ Early March. Hold tight until then, we know you are anxiously waiting. Please note we aren't accepting reservations for group visits or photography at this time.


Update 5/13/17 :  We are cancelling our event tomorrow - Sunday May 14th because of the upcoming weather forecast and we are running out of tulips. We are refunding everyone who has not used their Sunday May 14th ticket automatically. We expect lots of rain and wind gust up to 40mph, which is dangerous for our visitors with all the tents we have set up. We are so sorry that we cancel on Mother's Day, we know how much you have been looking forward to it. Please watch the video for more details. Keriann & Jeroen

Update 5/11/17 :  We are completely sold out for this year... We are open until Sunday, but won't sell tickets at the door. We are sorry if you missed this season, we are very bummed that we can't stay open longer. Farming is not easy and Mother Nature is hard to predict.... if you have not visited us yet, we hope to see you next year!  -Jeroen & Keriann

Update 5/10/17 :  We have had some magical moments and lots of fun but we will be saying goodbye until next year after this Sunday. Our early field was a big success and the 2nd field started off doing well but the extreme rain combined with the frost damage from the crazy cold March month did not create the usual happy tulips we grow. We planted 400,000 tulips in the large U-pick and unfortunately most of them have bloomed out before they could be picked.  This is a huge loss for our farm, but luckily we can still harvest the bulbs.

Our show garden looks spectacular and we are allowing you to pick from parts of it! We promise that everyone who is planning on visiting between now and Sunday will still go home with beautiful tulips and a big smile!

Update 5/9/17 :  We have another beautiful week of tulips. We will stay open until Mother's Day. More details in the video!


Update 5/5/17 10pm :  We have another sold out weekend, do not visit us without a ticket. Please plan accordingly when dressing for visiting us this weekend! We got some heavy rain today and there is a high chance you will see some mud and puddles... We ask that all guests please wear shoes with good traction, preferably rain boots!!!!

Update 5/5/17 : Visit us this morning! Overcast days make the colors pop and it looks like it stays mostly dry until noon, this afternoon we expect heavy rains...

Update 5/3/17 : It is gorgeous here at the farm!


Update 5/2/17 : The late field is open and the rain stopped! We are open rain or shine but we know you prefer the shine.


Update 5/1/17 : We are closed today. We are working hard to make everything ready to open the large field tomorrow!


Update 4/27/17 : It is Tulipmania! We are sold out for tomorrow ( Friday April 28th) and also for this weekend -Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th. There are no tickets for sale at the door. Thank you in advance for your help and understanding. Our parking lot can only handle so many cars and we don't want to overcrowded. It is our high priority to make it enjoyable for everyone!

Update 4/25/17 3pm: Want the whole field for yourself? We are still open and there is nobody! it is still raining, but luckily the wind held off.

Update 4/25/17: Weather Alert from 11am-2pm! We are expecting high winds and may need to close between 11am and 2 pm due to safety concerns for our visitors and staff. If you have tickets for today we suggest coming later in the day or use them on another week day.Check back for updates.

Our show garden in the early field starts to bloom very nicely. This is the last week that our smaller "early blooming field" is open, but we start to get some color on our later blooming field, which will open sometime next week!!!

Update 4/23/17: We are closed Monday April 24th, tickets for next weekend are already sold out. The field is looking good, it looks like quite a bit of rain Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday it will be wonderful weather again!




Update 4/21/17 10:00pm: Tickets for this Saturday & Sunday are sold out!

Photo credit

Photo credit


Update 4/21/17: Tickets for Saturday April 22nd are sold out! There are still some tickets left for Sunday - the weather looks good - it's going to be beautiful!!!

Update 4/19/17: We are opening Thursday April 20th! The tulips look gorgeous!!



Update 4/17/17: We start to get color on our field! We still have not decided when we open, but definitely will be opening by this weekend. Newsletter subscribers most likely receive our opening day announcement tonight!



Update 4/13/17: Today we picked the first tulip! This means we open very soon! We hopefully know an exact opening date by this weekend!

Update 4/10/17

Update 4/04/17:  Tulips are starting to grow and first buds appear...


Update 3/31/17:  Happy Friday everyone! Here's a tulip update live from the farm yesterday.


Update 3/21/17: Row cover is up! That should speed things up :)

Update 3/20/17: Waiting for the snow to melt so we can put the row cover on  and speed up bloom time. 

Waiting for the snow to melt so we can put the row cover on  and speed up bloom time. 

Waiting for the snow to melt so we can put the row cover on  and speed up bloom time. 

Update 3/16/17 It is looking like we might not make our estimated opening date of April 7th. It is a very cold March month so far!

Update 3/02/17 I started with putting up "low tunnels". These little greenhouse systems will make our flowers bloom 2-3 weeks early!

Update 3/01/17 First sign up spring is here - the first variety of crocus is blooming!

Photo Credit Jake Simmons

Photo Credit Jake Simmons

Update 2/24/17 The first tulips are waking up!

Update 1/10/17:We will reopen sometime in April 2017. Check back late February for updates and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter. We will send you updates and subscribers will be able to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public! 

happy new year 2017.jpg



Below some examples of exotic tulips we grow!

Update: 5/8/16 Keriann with my parents from Holland.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Show Garden 5/8/2016 Keriann with Jeroen's Parents

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Show Garden 5/8/2016 Keriann with Jeroen's Parents

5/2/16. We are open rain or shine....

4/30/2016 Our first busy weekend in 2016

People picking tulips Saturday April 30th

People picking tulips Saturday April 30th

4/23/2016: This is how our field looked like just before we opened in 2016

4-05-2016 Our first growing season in New England..... we lost about 10% of our flowers

Tulips in snow

11-03-15 Beautiful evening at Historic Snake Den Farm


10-27-15 Rows and rows of tulips! It is a beautiful day to plant tulips, nice fall color on the background! #u-pick #tulips #SnakeDenStatePark

Planting our U-pick tulip field

Planting our U-pick tulip field

10-25-2015 We are planting our first bulbs for our U-pick field! Keriann learned how to drive the tractor today. Awesome feeling to plant tulips bulbs with my wife here in Rhode Island today! #BloomingHusbandWifeTeam #WickedTulips2016

10-22-2015 Tilling the soil!

10-13-2015 Our tractor and planting machine from Holland arrived! In the past we have planted up to 60,000 bulbs by hand. This year a dream is coming through, we were able to plant a real DUTCH planting machine! It can plant all our bulbs in one day! By hand it would take almost 2 months....

Tulip bulb planter from Holland arrived! #happytulipman

Tulip bulb planter from Holland arrived! #happytulipman

10-6-2015 Our bulbs arrived from Holland! We imported over 300,000 bulbs from Holland - Most are Tulips but we also have Daffodils, Hyacinths, Muscari, Iris and Crocus.

Quality bulbs from Holland - this is planting stock for our US grown bulbs available Fall 2016!

Quality bulbs from Holland - this is planting stock for our US grown bulbs available Fall 2016!

09-14-2015 We signed our 5 acre land lease with NRICD and officially became tulip farmers at the historic Snake Den Farm property. Can you imagine the picture below with a field of blooming tulips!?! #U-pick #WickedTulips2016

Historic Snake Den Farm in Johnston, Rhode Island

Historic Snake Den Farm in Johnston, Rhode Island